Race Team Qualifications


  1. Be a Chattanooga Track Club member in good standing.  Membership must remain current while active on the team.
  2. Be willing and able to represent the CTC at local, regional and/or national events.  
  3. Have qualifying race times that place the applicant within Local or Regional Class ranking or better based on the USA Track & Field Age Graded Calculator.   To find your ranking: visit the USATF website, populate the fields including age, gender, distance, time and then click “calculate”. Those with a “Regional Class” ranking (70%) or higher will be given first consideration for the Race Team.  The calculator can be found HERE


  • Preference will also be given to runners who have participated in CTC Races in the prior calendar year. 
  • Previous membership on the CTC Race Team and satisfactory execution of Team Member Commitments is a contributing factor
  • Candidates with age graded rankings below Local Class can still make the team.  Final cuts will only be made using these guidelines when applications within a gender / age group exceed available team positions. 
  • The Race Team will include field events. Field event athletes, contact the Team Captain to determine eligibility.
  • The Race Team will strive to recruit a diverse, well-balanced membership, to include but not limited to, age, gender and representation in a wide-range of competitive categories.


  • Team membership will be limited to 28 individuals of up to 14 for each gender.
  • Gender age groups (5-year increments) may be limited to 3 members, depending on overall applications.
  • Race Team membership is for one year. The race team will complete its year on December 31.
  • Each team member must re- apply and meet eligibility for each year they are on the Race Team.
  • The Race Team Captain will be nominated each year by the VP of Races or the VP of Membership and approved by a general vote of the board. The Team Captain(s) will be named by the February board meeting.
  • The Race Team Captain(s) will manage applications, recruitment, budget and all other Race Team operations under the oversight of the Chattanooga Track Club Vice President of Membership and the CTC board of directors. 

Want to learn more?   Check out the RACE TEAM MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES

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