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The Road Runners Club of America is the national association of running clubs, running events, and runners dedicated to promoting long distance running as a competitive sport and as healthful exercise. RRCA's mission is to represent and promote the common interest of its member clubs, events, and individual runners through education, leadership, programs and other services.


The Road Runners Club of America is the premier national organization dedicated to promoting the development and growth of running clubs, running events, and supporting the interests of recreational runners throughout the country including those that walk because they are unable to run. The RRCA strives to provide quality programming that can be replicated throughout the country by member clubs from small towns to large cities that promote and support running, runners, and supporters of the sport at all stages in life. The RRCA is dedicated to providing the running community with educational information and programs that will keep them safe, healthy, and informed. Furthermore, the RRCA strives to promote excellence in nonprofit management for the National Office as well as member clubs by providing services, benefits, and regular communication that supports this vision.

RRCA Tennessee State Representative:  Sherilyn Johnson  

For more information, contact Sherilyn at tennessee@RRCA.org

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